Income Tax Information

Effective July 1st, 2010, the Village of Thurston has enacted a municipal income tax of 1% on all income earned by individuals residing or working in the Village of Thurston and on businesses within the Village.  There is no tax credit for taxes paid to other municipalities.  The program is being administered by the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.).

Earned income includes items such as wages, salaries, tips, bonuses, rental income, net profits from a business or profession, and distributions from partnerships.  Examples of items that would be exempt from the income tax are interest, dividends, annuities, receipts from Social Security, pensions, military pay, unemployment compensation, alimony, and child support.

This income tax will be used for a variety of purposes.  Initially, it is required to raise local matching funds for our Neighborhood Revitalization Grant ($30,000).  It is the intent of the Village Council to use these funds to make changes in the Village that will be seen by the residents.  Some uses will include street maintenance, sidewalk maintenance, storm sewer maintenance, playground maintenance, and Village property maintenance.  Another possible purpose brought up by several concerned residents is contracting police protection.

Click HERE to see the Thurston Village Municipal Income Tax Ordinance (2010-10).

**Change Ordinance 2010-28 - Repealing Section 181.14 of Income Tax Ordinance

** Change Ordinance 2010-36 - Adding Section 181.18 to Income Tax Ordinance - Requiring Tenant Registration by Landlord

Click HERE to see the Thurston Forms and Information at the R.I.T.A. website.

Income Tax Form for New Residents

If you have any questions regarding the Thurston Village Income Tax or R.I.T.A., please contact R.I.T.A. at the Worthington Office 866-721-7482 or Brecksville Office 800-860-7482.

***Important *** - Even though TurboTax and other tax-related software may calculate your Municipal Income Tax Return, it does NOT file it.  You still must print out and mail in your returns.  Also - if you use a tax-preparation agency such as H&R Block or other private CPA), make sure the Municipal Income Tax Return gets filed with R.I.T.A.  Some don't do this.  It is the taxpayer's responsibility to make sure their taxes are filed with R.I.T.A.


**Thurston Income Tax Ordinance History

The subject of an income tax has been raised several times before this year.  In 2010, it was discussed on:

 1/13/2010 Regular Session of Council (after this time, fliers were taken to each home to inform residents of the public hearings)

 2/3/2010 Special Public Hearing on Income Tax

2/15/2010 - Special Public Hearing on Income Tax

2/27/2010 - Special Public Hearing on Income Tax

 3/10/2010 Regular Session of Council

 4/13/2010 Regular Session of Council - 1st reading of the legislation to enact an income tax effective 7/1/2010

 5/12/2010 Regular Session of Council - 2nd reading of the legislation to enact an income tax effective 7/1/2010

 5/19/2010 Special Session of Council 3rd and final reading of the legislation to enact an income tax effective 7/1/2010

 All these meetings were documented on our village website and in the Town Crier.  All meetings, including special meetings, were posted at the Post Office and the Municipal Building, as part of regular process.