Village of Thurston

Council Meeting Minutes

July 26, 2007



Special Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Pleasantville Mayor Jack Weidner.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Roll call:  Robert Ortman present

                Warren Simpson absent

                Ed Vanek present

                Vickie Carroll Present

                Laura Clark absent

                Detria Hiles present

                Mary Barber present

                Aaron Reedy Present

                Michelle Shumaker, Village Administrator present

Michael Betts, GGC present


Pleasantville Council present:  Mary Scholl, Bill Mason, Jason Henderson, John Snook, Scott Jackson

Pleasantville Clerk, Kathy Jenkins



Jack said the special joint meeting was called to continue the discussion of the possibility of the Village of Pleasantville supplying water to the Village of Thurston.


Councils discussed how each entity planned on financing their part of running the water line down Musser and Ruffner Roads.  The total cost is roughly $531,000.  The possibility of both loans and grants was discussed.  Jack suggested Thurston start putting out feelers to see if Thurston has a chance of a grant since they currently get their water from Baltimore


Detria raised the issue of the 2006 Pleasantville Water Consumer Confidence Report.  Ralph George said there was plenty of water available.  Jason Henderson said they are taking steps to assure there are no contaminants. 


Pleasantville has to do a study of what it currently costs to process water before they can give Thurston a rate.


Ed Vanek said he would like two quotes from Pleasantville; one for only water, and a second for water and the operations aspect of the water system, like what is currently being done by the Walnut Creek Sewer District.


It was agreed not to set the next meeting date until both entities gathered more information.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,




Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk