Village of Thurston

Council Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2005


Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by Mayor Mary Barber.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 


Roll call:          Robert Ortman – Present

Roger Aubery – Present

Warren Simpson – Present

Ed Vanek - Present

Kevin Ety – Present

Rita Leiendecker - Present

Mary Barber – Present

Aaron Reedy – Present


Mary thanked Robert for leading the council meeting last month.  Mary thanked the members of the Fire Department who were present for the part in her grandson’s funeral services.


Mary asked if any visitors wanted to speak.  No one did.


Roger made a motion to approve the April 2005 minutes.  Rita second.  All yea.


Rita made a motion to approve the April 2005 financial statement.  Roger second.  All yea.


Final Reading of Ordinance 2005-8 - An Ordinance amending the traffic control map to create a one-way street running west from to High St. to Maple St.  Ed made a motion to adopt Ordinance 2005-8.  Robert second.  All yeah.



Report from Fire Chief – Acting Chief Mike King was present.  Mike passed out his report (see attached).


Aaron gave Mike a copy of ordinance 2005-6 regarding the hiring of Nicholas Stivison.  Must be approved by council.


Mary asked if Mike was aware that there was only $300 left in the vehicle maintenance account.  Aaron said the guys need to be specific about the account codes they use when making purchases.  He’s having to guess sometimes.  They said they will get with Aaron about transferring funds in a future resolution to cover the shortcoming. 


Rita asked about maintenance records.  There is nothing since 1994.  She asked them to do better about that.


Report from the Service Committee:  Robert said Mike Darst has problem with water laying in his yard.  Mayor Barber said she’d get estimates on a new catch basin.  Mary said she checked out the Darst yard.  He had dug his own hold in their yard, and that why the water is laying there; it’s a ditch.  A neighbor had said the area pooled up even before the ditch was put in.


Mary said the insurance company denied the claim on the roof damage to the First Street building.  They considered it normal wear and tear. 


Report from the Safety Committee:  Rita said they discussed adopting Basil Joint Fire District’s rules & regulations.  She also said they need to write an ordinance for parking on sidewalk and parking in the wrong direction.  It was mentioned that state law covers those issues.

Report from the Finance Committee:  Didn’t meet.


Report from the Rules Committee:  Didn’t meet. 


Report from the Regional Planning Representative:  Robert said there was a rep there from “Greater Ohio”, who said people would rather see old Villages fixed up than a new housing development put in.  People like the “laid back” feeling.  There was nothing else of interest.


Old Business

Roger said Maple Street is really bad, and we need to do something even if a grant doesn’t get approved.


Ed made a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel issues.  Roger second.  All yeah.  The time is 8:00 p.m.


Ed made a motion to come out of Executive Session.  Kevin second.  All yeah.  The time is 8:30 p.m.


New Business

Ed made a motion to appoint Mike King to the position of Chief of the Thurston-Walnut Township Fire Department on a one-year probationary period, and agreed upon with a written agreement.  Roger second.  All yeah.


Mike King, Mary Barber, Robert Ortman and Aaron Reedy all signed the agreement.

Josh Freisner expressed his disagreement with council’s decision, stating that others should have been given the opportunity.  Rita said she feels he deserves it, and that council has made their decision.


Ed made a motion to allow the Village to pay for a Nextel phone for Mayor Barber.  Robert second.  All yeah.


Ed said there’s still a problem with the dirt pile in the alley behind Richard Gould’s house.  Richard was at the meeting earlier and said he’s going to have it moved by next weekend.  Ed said it’s gone on long enough.  Ed said we need to have the Village Solicitor send him and Tom Nafzger a certified letter requiring them to move obstacles out of the alley within 14 days.  Ed said Mr. Gould has told us he’d move it before, but he didn’t.  Council agreed.


Ed brought up the alley between Long St. & Elm St.  Boyven Hoisher filled it in.  We are to send the bill to Tom Mayle & Sons because it was their responsibility.  They agreed to this transaction.


Roger brought up the patching quote from Walnut Township Trustees.  Kevin made a motion to accept the bid from the Trustees to patch potholes around town for $547.68.  Rita second.  All yeah.


Ed mentioned that some from the Village heard about making First St. one-way, and suggested making Second St., Third St., High St., and Maple St. all one way, coordinating with each other.  This was referred to the Service Committee.


Council reviewed bids to install a shut-off valve at the First Street Building.

            Baltimore Lime Excavating - $2,765

            Bill Newell Excavating - $1,930.00

            Professional Water Well System - $1,500.00


Ed made a motion to accept the bid from Bill Newell Excavating for $1,930.00.  Roger second.  All yeah.


Ed said the large truck traffic is tearing up Oak Street.  Mary referred this to the Service Committee.


Ed made a motion to raise the Village Secretary’s wage to $8.35 per hour, an increase of 35 cents per hour.  Roger second.  All yeah.


Ed made a motion to adjourn.  Roger second.  All yea.  The time is 9:12 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,




Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk