Village of Thurston

Council Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2004 

**Special Meeting**



Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm by Mayor Barber.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 


Roll call:          Robert Ortman – Present

Nona Buskirk – Present

Roger Aubery – Present

Warren Simpson – Present

Ed Vanek - Present

Kevin Ety – Present

Mary Barber – Present

Aaron Reedy – Present


Aaron told Nona it was his understanding that she moved out of the Village into Pleasantville.  Nona said no, she’s living at 8181 High St.  She said her mailing address is the same.


Council reviewed the contract from ME for the Third Street Storm Sewer Project.


Roger made a motion to waive the 3-reading rule and declare an emergency for Ordinance # 2004-9.  Kevin second.  All yea.


Robert made a motion to adopt Ordinance # 2004-9, An Ordinance Authorizing the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer to Enter Into a Contract with ME Companies, Inc, for the Design, Construction, and Administration for the Third Street Storm Sewer Improvement Project and the declaration of an emergency.  Kevin second.  All yea.


Roger made a motion to appoint Bryan Shook to the Walnut Creek Sewer District Board.  Warren second.  All yea.


Kevin made a motion to adjourn.  Roger second.  All yea.  Time is 7:10 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,




Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk