Village of Thurston

Council Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2004  ** corrected



Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm by Mayor Barber.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 


Roll call:          Robert Ortman – Present

Nona Buskirk – Present

Roger Aubery – Absent (sick)

Warren Simpson – Present

Ed Vanek - Present

Kevin Ety – Present

Mary Barber – Present

Aaron Reedy – Present


Mary asked if there was anyone present who wished to address Council.


Joanie Hines and Thomas Rager were present to present a nuisance situation at 2903 Main St (the Poochy Parlor).  Joanie said they are not keeping their yard clean due to all the animals and junk laying around.  They can’t open their windows or stay outside because they become nauseous from the smell.  They also complained they keep a van out front full of trash.  They know the smell will get worse in the summer.  There are several other neighbors who are complaining, too.  Mary directed the issue to the Safety Committee for action.


Robert made a motion to approve the March 2004 minutes.  Nona second.  All yea.


March 2004 financial statement was not prepared yet.


Aaron read the second reading of Ordinance # 2004-4, An Ordinance to Increase the Salary for the Position of Clerk-Treasurer.


Warren made a motion to waive the 3-reading rule and declare an emergency for Resolution # 2004-7.  Nona second.  All yea.


Ed made a motion to adopt Resolution # 2004-7, A Resolution authorizing the transfer of funds and the declaration of an emergency.  Nona second.  All yea.


Warren made a motion to waive the 3-reading rule and declare an emergency for Ordinance # 2004-8.  Nona second.  All yea.


Kevin made a motion to adopt Ordinance # 2004-8, An Ordinance to amend the 2004 Appropriations Ordinance, and the declaration of an emergency.  Robert second.  All yea.


Report from Fire Chief - Mike Jackson was present.  He told Council that Sakas Corp had donated an automatic defib machine to the Fire Dept, and had two of their own.  All three batteries now need to be replaced; however, Sakas can’t buy their own replacement battery because you have to hold a medical director license.  Mike asked if we could purchase for them, and they would reimburse the Village.  The batteries are $120 each, plus shipping.


Nona made a motion to allow the purchase for Sakas & the fire department.  Ed second.  All yea.


Mike got a quote from Brent Auker for the value of the old medic.  The estimated value is, at most, less that $1,000.  Mike wants Council to declare it surplus equipment and allow him to find a buyer (another government agency).


Ed made a motion to declare the 1984 Horton Medic as surplus equipment, and allow Mike to look for a buyer.  Kevin second.  All yea.  Note – this is just to look for a buyer, not to actually sell.


Mike brought up the Junior Firefighters program.  They are allowed to ride on the trucks, but a liability waiver is needed.  Mike came up with one, but would like for us to send it to the Solicitor for his review and comment.  Council agreed, Aaron will forward it to Jeff Feyko.


Mike announced that he got one of the storm drains opened up, as requested by Mary.  He cleared the one on Main St., but could not clear the one in front of Nona’s house.


Nona made a motion to move the meeting day for normal Council meetings to the second Thursday of the month.  Warren second.  All yea.


Report from the Service Committee:  Haven’t met yet.


Report from the Safety Committee:  Haven’t met yet.


Report from the Finance Committee:  discussed four new ordinances/resolutions that have been sent to the Solicitor for review.  These include raising the wages for Council/BOPA members, increasing the NSF check fee, increasing the water reconnect fee, and changing the way interest is applied to the funds. 


Report from the Rules Committee:  Haven’t met yet.


Report from Board of Public Affairs President:  Lowell Hite wasn’t present.


Report from the Walnut Creek Sewer District Board appointees:  Lowell Hite, JoAnn Hite & Don Seymour were not present.  The WCSD secretary, Kristi Shook was present.  She said Dustin is now full-time and there is a new part-time employee.  They are both doing well.  She also said they had an electrician go up to the pump house to fix the issue there.  Mary & Aaron had attended the WCSD meeting in March and asked permission to put a park on the WCSD property by the “Y”.  WCSD is preparing a letter to the Farmer’s Home Administration asking about their feelings/requirements for our request. 


Report from the Regional Planning Representative:  Robert said he hasn’t heard from Brooks Davis yet.


Mary asked if there was any new business.  She presented a quote from Mobile Power Wash (MPW) to clean out the storm sewer in front of Nona’s house.  This problem has gone on for years, and needs to be fixed.  Nona made a motion to accept the quote.  Robert second.  All yea.


Nona said Maple Street is getting bad – a lot of holes everywhere.  Mary referred it to the Service Committee.


Mary said new street lights are needed at Holt St. & Oak St. (there are none there now).  She referred this to the Service Committee.


Mary said there is a big problem with junk/abandoned cars in the Village.  She referred the issue to the Safety Committee.

Aaron said the property at 8192 High St (owner – Larry Robinson) had their water turned off for non-payment back in February.  They have been turning it back on themselves.  We’ve turned it off now 3 times.  Their water bill is now above $430.  Ed said the Sheriff’s office should have been called.  Ed made a motion to have the meter pulled at 8192 High St.  Kevin second.  All yea.


Ed said we should do something about the discharge of soapy water from that same property that is going into the storm sewer.  The owner, as well as the Village, could be fined by the Ohio EPA for this violation.  Council agreed.  Ed instructed Aaron to send a letter to Larry Robinson warning of possible violations, and requesting he take action.


Robert asked how much money Council wanted to set aside for Bob Black to get some work done around the Municipal Building.  It was agreed that the Service Committee should direct his planning.


Aaron discussed a possible water/sewer billing & collections procedures ordinance.  He said he asked Lowell if we had one, but none could be produced.  Aaron and Robert put a draft together and submitted it to Jeff Feyko for review and comment.


Nona said we need to put up signs by the “Y” that say “Speed 20MPH, Kids Playing”.   Ed said possibly speed bumps should be installed.


Mary said she is checking into the possibility of using reserves for the police department instead of contracting.


Nona made a motion to adjourn.  Kevin second.  All yea. 


Respectfully Submitted,




Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk