Village of Thurston

Council Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2004



Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm by Mayor Barber.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 


Roll call:          Robert Ortman – Present

Nona Buskirk – Present

Roger Aubery – Present

Warren Simpson – Present

Kevin Ety – Absent

Mary Barber – Present

Aaron Reedy – Present

1 open Council seat


Mary asked if there was anyone present interested in the open Council seat.  Edgar Vanek was present and interested.  He had previously sent his resume to the Rules Committee.  Aaron had verified with the County Board of Elections that he was a registered voter.


Roger made a motion to open nominations.  Nona second.  All yea.


Nona made a motion to nominate Edgar Vanek to the open Council seat.  Warren second.  All yea.


Warren made a motion to appoint Edgar Vanek to the open Council seat.  Roger second.  All yea.  Mary swore Edgar into office.


Mary asked if any of the visitors had anything to say.  Ernie Harter presented a proposal to Council from the Thurston United Methodist Church Men’s Breakfast Club.  They would like to clean up the Village Cemetery and make it look nicer.  A small discussion was had regarding what specifically they could do.  Roger made a motion to allow the club to do as they presented.  Warren second.  All yea.


Roger made a motion to approve the January 2004 minutes.  Nona second.  All yea.


Nona made a motion to approve the January 2004 financial statement.  Robert second.  All yea.


Nona made a motion to waive the 3-reading rule and declare an emergency for Resolution # 2004-3.  Roger second.  All yea.


Roger made a motion to adopt Resolution # 2004-3, A Corporate Authorization Resolution to authorize certain persons the ability to sign checks and perform other financial duties on behalf of the Village of Thurston and the declaration of an emergency.  Nona second.  All yea.


Mary asked for a motion to accept the Committee meeting dates and times.  The motion was tabled until a date conflict could be corrected.


Report from Fire Chief - Mike Jackson was not present due to his mother being in the hospital, but Josh Friesner was present to represent the fire department.  Josh said the Millersport Police Department wants to purchase the cage and gunlock that we got with the station cruiser (that had been removed from the car).  Mike had estimated the equipment to be worth about $75.00.  Roger made a motion to sell the equipment to the Millersport Policy Dept for $75.00.  Warren second.  All yea.


Josh said the renovations at the fire department are coming along nicely.  The second office and bunk room are partially completed.


Nona asked if Mike ever got with the insurance company about allowing kids ride on the fire trucks on emergency runs.  Aaron said we got the letter, and made a copy for everyone.  Josh is working on getting the required forms and information together to give to the Village Solicitor.  This was suggested by the insurance company.


Report from the Service Committee:  Robert and Kevin had met.  The Walnut Township snow-plow drivers said the back alleys behind the Methodist church were hard to get through because the trees need trimmed.  The mirrors on the trucks are getting hit hard.  Warren said he would call for some estimates from tree removal services.


Robert said Bob Black was present at their committee meeting ad wanted to know how much work the Village wanted him to do on the building.  He just wants to be told what we want, and wants us to work with him.  He knows a guy who will sell him a furnace with air for $3100.  It was agreed that we should wait until appropriations are approved before telling him what we would like to see, and how much we are willing to help financially.  Bob would also like to get quotes on removing the tree in front of the municipal building.  Some discussion was held that the tree was buried in memory of a teacher, and it may not be appropriate to remove the tree.  Bob also wanted to know who was responsible for shoveling and salting the sidewalks in front of the municipal building.  Mary said she would do it until other arrangements could be made.


Robert also said something needs to be done about the storm sewer drainage problem on High Street.  Ed suggested calling FeeCorp in Canal Winchester.  Aaron suggested Bill Watson.  Mary said she would call.


Report from the Safety Committee:  Warren said he received a letter from Penny Bondurant.  Mike Jackson had said he got a copy of the letter, too.  There is a disagreement of what happened during a specific situation, details of which were not spoken of.  No more facts are known, but no one is here to discuss it.  Warren said that Mike has also been in contact with the County Board of Elections regarding changes in voting locations since the renovations in the fire house.


Report from the Finance Committee:  Committee hasn’t met yet.


Report from the Rules Committee:  Only Kevin was there, and Ed came to give his resume.


Report from Board of Public Affairs President:  Lowell was not present.


Report from the Walnut Creek Sewer District Board appointees:  No one was present.


Report from the Regional Planning Representative:  Robert said there was really no business discussed that had to do with Villages.


Mary asked if there was any new business. 


Roger said we need to advertise for a general maintenance/street person or general laborer.  This person would have the following duties:  custodial work in the Municipal Building and Street Building; do maintenance on streets and street signs; patch pot holes; work with water/sewer dept. as necessary; ride with township plow drivers; mowing & trimming; and other general maintenance.  Everyone agreed this would be good, and we should put an ad in the paper for it.


Mary said we also need a part-time secretary.   There are several jobs they can do within the office.  Aaron said he will do some calculations as to how much this will cost the Village at different pay rates/hours.


Robert brought up the issue of accepting Moline Drive.  ME had previously said they couldn’t comfortably suggest the Village accept the road.  We haven’t heard anything more on the issue. 


Council discussed a memo that was received from the superintendent at the Walnut Creek Sewer District (WCSD).  One issue stated that they did not have access to meters, readers, and other tools necessary because Lowell keeps them at his house, or locked in the trunk of his car.  Per the contract, WCSD is supposed to have access to these items, and do the installation/repair for them.  It was agreed that these items should be kept in the storage room in the Municipal Building so that the WCSD can have access to them.  WCSD has a key to the Municipal Building.


The second issue brought up by the memo was regarding a pump belonging to the Village of Pleasantville being used by the Village of Thurston for quite some time.  Not enough information is known about this, so Mary will discuss the issue with Lowell before going forward.


The third issue brought up by the memo was regarding the waterline break on Holt Street last month.  WCSD had turned the service off, went to get a pump, and when they came back, the service had been turned back on by Lowell.  WCSD said a boil alert should have been issued, but Lowell said that wasn’t necessary.  Again, Mary will follow up with Lowell to get more information.


The fourth issue brought up by the memo was regarding the meter at the Thurston Fire House.  The meter hasn’t been read in years, and WCSD had always been instructed by Lowell to enter “0” as the usage.  Now Lowell is telling them to read it.  Aaron said that he didn’t think the meter was working right.  It’s the responsibility of WCSD, per the contract, to install and/or fix meters.  Aaron said that for years JoAnn Hite had been on Chief Mike Jackson’s case to get a meter installed, when in reality, it was never his responsibility in the first place.  Aaron will tell WCSD to check the meter to see if it’s working.  Council agreed that the meter should be fixed by WCSD and start being read correctly.


The other issues raised in the memo were not clear, as the fax machine ate the second page.  Council and/or Mary will follow up to get that page and investigate as necessary.


Nona made a motion to adjourn.  Roger second.  All yea. 


Respectfully Submitted,




Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk