Village of Thurston

Council Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2002



Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Hite.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Roll call:  Robert Ortman – Present; Nona Buskirk – Present; Roger Aubery – Present; Warren Simpson – Present; JT Hilliard – Absent; Jo-Ann Hite – Present; Aaron Reedy – Present. 1 vacant council seat.


Others present:  Lawrence Bigler, Director of Special Services – Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office, Warren Simpson Sr., Jeffrey Feyko – Village Solicitor.


Larry Bigler was present to discuss services for the Village of Thurston.  He presented a contract proposal to the Council.  He said if we are under contract with the Sheriff, they CAN enforce our ordinances.  He said they would work with Council on the form of enforcement; whether aggressive or more lenient.  He would like us to enter into at least a 1-year contract, but we can cancel it with 30-days notice in writing.


Jeff Feyko asked Larry about the hourly charges.  JoAnn asked whom the officer would report to.  Larry said he is responsible to Sergeant on duty at the time.  He is only responsible to the Sheriff and Sheriff’s chain of command.  A log sheet is kept and reported to the Village.  The deputy would come to Council meetings and give a short report, and ask for any concerns.


Jeff suggested to Council that once they decide how much they time they want to contract for, they let Larry know and he can come back and give a specific dollar amount.  Larry said they would like a copy of any ordinance they are asked to enforce.


Nona asked about Block Watch material.  Aaron brought the material out that the Sheriff brought to the last meeting.  JoAnn said we should have a special meeting to discuss the possibilities.  Council decided to have a special meeting on December 19th, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.


Jeff suggested contacting a couple other villages that are contracting services with the Sheriff to find out how it’s working with them.  Jeff said we should discuss budget needs.  We can use money from the general fund (it must be transferred to the Police Fund).


Warren Simpson, Sr. was present and interested in the open council seat.  Roger made a motion to nominate Warren Sr. to the vacant seat.  Nona second.  All yea.  Nona made a motion to close nominations.  Robert second.  All yea.  Roll call vote:  Robert – yes, Nona – yes, Roger – yes, Warren Jr. – yes.  Warren Simpson Sr. has been appointed to the vacant council seat.  JoAnn asked Jeffrey Feyko, Village Solicitor, to swear him in.  Jeffrey did so.


Jeff addressed council about the Long Street extension plan.  He does not have the resolution ready to accept the extension yet.  He said the updated plat has not been submitted to the County Recorder’s office yet.  His concerns are: 1) Village should have an engineer look at the plat to see if it meets with standards; and 2) should any wording need added for any easements, now is the time to put them in place.


Jeff said something else to think about was that Owen is keeping a 1-foot strip of land along the property line between the street and the property line.  Jeff said this was odd and that we should get an engineer’s input on that.  It could hinder future annexation.  This triggered a red flag for him, and he just wanted to make us aware of it.


Another issue Jeff wanted to discuss was the contract extension for Waste Management that was passed last month.  Jeff suggested we go into Executive Session to discuss.  Roger made a motion to go into Executive Session.  Robert second.  All yea.  The time is 7:45 p.m.


Roger made a motion to come out of Executive Session at 8:05 p.m.  Nona second.  All yea.  Jeff recommends making a motion to rescind the motion made last month to extend the contract so it can be put out for competitive bidding.  He also suggested adopting an ordinance extending the current contract 3 months and declaring an emergency.


Roger made a motion to rescind the motion made in the November 2002 Council meeting extending the contract for waste removal services from Waste Management.  Warren Jr. second.  All yea.


Robert made a motion to waive the 3-reading rule and declare an emergency for ordinance # 2002-12-12-3.  Nona second.  All yea.


Roger made a motion to adopt ordinance # 2002-12-12-3, An Ordinance Extending the Contract to Waste Management for a Three-Month Period for the Collection, Transportation, and Disposal of Residential Garbage and Refuse and the Declaration of an Emergency.  Nona second.  All yea.


Jeff brought up the Moline Drive acceptance.  He is okay with the ordinance; everything seemed to be in order.  JoAnn said that Larry Kahle’s engineer checked it all out.  Jeff remembers reviewing all the paperwork as this was being done.  He said we need a quitclaim deed transferring ownership to the Village.  Nona made a motion to table further discussion on the Moline Dr. & Long St. projects pending further investigation.  Warren Jr. second.  All yea.


Jeff said we should get a contract engineer through ME Companies.  Since this is a professional service, we don’t need to put it out for competitive bidding.


Aaron asked Jeff if it was any sort of conflict of interest during a council vote on increasing wages since Warren Simpson Jr. and Sr. are both on Council and live in the same house.  Jeff said there is no conflict.  Jeff made a final request.  He would like to prepare any resolutions and/or ordinances BEFORE council votes on them.  Jeff left at 8:25 p.m.


Roger made a motion to approve the November 2002 minutes.  Nona second.  All yea.


Warren Jr. made a motion to approve the November 2002 financial statement.  Nona second.  All yea.


JoAnn asked if anybody had talked to anyone about the drain situation on Long Street.  JoAnn said JT was supposed to have some information, but he’s not here.


Roger made a motion to waive the 3-reading rule and declare an emergency for ordinance # 2002-12-12-1.  Nona second.  All yea.


Robert moved to adopt Resolution # 2002-12-12-1, A Resolution Authorizing the Transfer of Funds and the Declaration of an Emergency.  Warren Jr. second.  All yea. 


JoAnn said that Baltimore had a water break at Main & Market on Thanksgiving.  On Friday, 11/29, they had another break on Gordon St.


JoAnn said that sometime during the week of 11/25/02, a child was hurt on the playground at the Municipal Building after dusk.  He was taken to the hospital.


JoAnn said the railroad had moved out from where they were making all the repairs.

JoAnn said that on 12/9/02, we received a check for $35,000 from the Walnut Township Trustees for the Fire Contract.


JoAnn said that Tractor & Supply Co. (formerly Farm & Fleet) wants us to open a business credit account.  Roger made a motion to apply.  Nona second.  All yea.


JoAnn said we got a letter from the Walnut Creek Sewer District.  JoAnn’s trustee position is up this year.  They want to know who we want to appoint for the next 3-year period.  Nona made a motion to appoint JoAnn to the 3-year term.  Warren Jr. second.  All yea.


JoAnn said we don’t have the mileage from Mike yet for the title.


JoAnn said the Village’s insurance is up in March of 2003.  Council agreed to stay with Acordia.


Since there was no other business to address, Nona made a motion to pay bills and adjourn.  Warren Sr. second.  All yea. 


Respectfully Submitted,




Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk