Village of Thurston

Council Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2002



Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm by Mayor Hite.  Pledge was recited.


Roll call:  Robert Ortman – Present; Nona Buskirk – Present; Mary Barber – Present; Roger Aubery – Absent; Warren Simpson – Present; JT Hilliard – Present; Jo-Ann Hite – Present; Aaron Reedy – Present.


Owen Keller was present.  He wants to dedicate the extension of Long Street to the Village.  He has the base down, and has a quote for pavement for a 12’-wide road, but has learned that the Village is going to widen the portion of Long Street currently maintained by the Village to 16’.  He would like for the village to get bids to take the pavement all the way down and including his extension of Long Street.  He said he will pay for paving the new portion that he wants to dedicate.  He has 1 house built and it will be reading for someone to move-in in 2 – 3 weeks.  Mr. Keller said he would give money to the Village as a “deposit” until the work is actually done, then the Village would pay the paving company for the total due.  Council discussed the issue.


JT made a motion to tentatively accept the dedication of Long Street with the understanding that Owen Keller will put a deposit down to pay for his portion of the street paving after bids are received; this motion pending final authorization by Resolution on a future date.  Warren second.  Roll call; Bob – yea, Nona – yea, Mary – yea, Warren – yea, JT – yea.


Chief Mike Jackson was present to discuss fire department business.  Mike announced that he applied online for a FEMA grant in the amount of $280,000.  This would be used for a new engine/rescue.  The Village/Township would be responsible for 10%, or $28,000.  He is expecting to hear something in June or July.


Mike said that Jimmy Barber applied for money from the State Division of EMS for CPR mannequins & other EMS items.


Mike brought a copy of a mowing contract from Kent Leitnaker for mowing services at the firehouse.  The price has gone up from $65/month to $80/month.  Mike feels this is reasonable.  JoAnn said Kent does a good job.  Nona made a motion to accept the contract, and pay Kent on the 15th of each month.  Mary second.  All yea.


Mike said that Mike King cut his hand at a fire on Leitnaker Rd.  He said to be on the lookout for the information.  He will have Mike fill out an incident report.  Aaron will check this out with the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation.


Mike asked about the Solicitor’s opinion on weight station for the firehouse.  Aaron told him that the Solicitor said he couldn’t do it, unless it was specifically provided for in the budget.  Mike said he would plan it for next year.


Mike announced that he moved out of the Village, and out to 185 Leonard Road.


Mike announced that he got the water meter installed at the firehouse.  He will install an external reader.


Mike asked if we were planning on having an auction this year.  JoAnn said there’s been no talk about it.  Mike said if we did, he’s got some stuff at the firehouse that can be auctioned off.


JoAnn announced that somebody called the office about a 911 meeting on April 11 on the 3rd floor of the courthouse.  Wanted to know if anyone wanted to attend.  Several pointed out that it was too late.  Warren said he wished he would have known earlier.


JoAnn announced that Route 256 would be resurfaced starting in June and going into September.


JoAnn announced that she talked to a man from the railroad.  He said he was going to do some repairs this summer on the tracks.


Mary made a motion to approve the March 2002 minutes with a correction.  Warren second.  All yea.


Warren made a motion to approve the March 2002 financial statement.  Bob second.  All yea.


Mary moved to adopt Resolution # 2002-04-11-1, a Resolution Authorizing the Transfer of Funds and the Declaration of an Emergency.  JT second.  All yea.


Aaron went over the letter recently received from the Solicitor regarding several issues that have been raised over the last few weeks.  Transfers must be done by Resolution of Council for any transfer done in our books.  Aaron worked out the procedures with the Solicitor.  Jeff Feyko said it was all right for Aaron to copy previous transfer resolutions himself so that they could be processed in a timely manner.


Jeff also said we need to adopt an Investment Policy.  He sent a sample for all Council and Mayor.  Aaron suggested tabling it for next meeting as it was rather long, and Council should read it at their own leisure.  He also mentioned Council should adopt Council Rules.  He will be sending a draft for review.  He gave his opinion on the auditor’s results from the 2001 audit.


JoAnn announced that there would be a Regional Planning meeting regarding State of Ohio Community Development Block Grant on April 19 if anyone wants to go.  No one expressed interest.


JoAnn announced that New Power, our current natural gas supplier, wants to renew the Village Municipal building & Fire Department contract.  Rates would be $0.4890 per ccf, and will not exceed $0.7990 per ccf for 12 months.  JT made a motion to remain with New Power.  Warren second.  All yea.


JoAnn brought up the invitations to a dinner provided by M&E on May 2, 2002 in Zanesville at 6:30pm.  She wanted to know if anyone was going.  Nona, Warren, JoAnn & Lowell said they were going.  JT said he might.  The realized this was during a scheduled committee meeting.


Council reviewed the paving proposals for repaving Broad St & High St. collected by Lowell Hite.  Spires wanted $7961, Ken Heiberger wanted $11,215, and Complete Asphalt wanted $12,650.  Warrant made a motion to accept the paving proposal from Spires.  Nona second.  All yea.  This will be taken from the MVLT Fund, #2101.


JoAnn announced that someone was asking about our old refrigerator.  Bob made a motion to consider the refrigerator and old couch in the hallway surplus inventory, and whoever wants them can come and get them.  JT second.  All yea.  Council also discussed old items that should be put out for bid and junk that needs to be gotten rid of.


Lowell said that since we’ll be getting Long Street, we should get “No Parking on Pavement” signs to put along Long Street.  Council agreed.  Lowell will also order what was agreed to at the last meeting.  JT has a sign regulation book that he is going to review.


JoAnn said she sent off the purchase order for the mosquito spraying with the contract.  He said he will start spraying the middle of May.


JoAnn announced that we got a letter from Columbia Gas.  They’d like to know what resurfacing projects will be done this year.


Bob said that Terry Prather wants to know when more gravel will be put down in his alley.  It’s getting holes.  Lowell will check around on gravel prices for the next meeting.


JoAnn brought up the letter from Dun & Bradstreet about the unclaimed funds that have been found.  There is a fee to collect them.  Council does not want to do anything about it.


Lowell announced that there are five doublewide modular homes on Moline Drive.


Since there was no other business to address, Nona made a motion to pay bills and adjourn.  JT second.  All yea. 


Respectfully Submitted,



Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk