Village of Thurston

Council Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2001



Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Hite.Pledge was recited.


Roll call:Bob Ortman - Present; Nona Buskirk - Present; Roger Aubery - Present; Mary Barber - Present; Warren Simpson - Present; Kim Duncan - Absent; Jo-Ann Hite - Present; Aaron Reedy - Present. 


Present from the fire department were Chief Mike Jackson, Kent Leitnaker, and John Singleton.


Mike Jackson introduced John Singleton.John announced that the fire department will begin active fire inspections.John has agreed to be one of the inspectors along with his wife, Tina, and Chief Mike Jackson.John spoke about the fire inspection program.He passed out Ohio Fire Code chapter 1301:7-1.They are looking for the cooperation of the Council and the Mayor to support this program.John stated this program was not to harass or bother, rather it is meant to make places safe for everyone.He explained several details of the purpose for the inspections.


Mayor Hite made a suggestion to pass out papers explaining what they are doing before going anywhere to inspect.She said the woman that they tried to inspect the other night is very unhappy.She didnít know anything about them coming until they came or called her the first time.John said Tina called this lady a week ahead of time and explained to her what it entailed.When John and Tina went in at the scheduled time to do the inspection, she said, "Youíre not doing it."They tried to explain to her what it was all about, but she didnít want to here it.Mike said she got an attitude awful fast.JoAnn said, "Well, if anybody would have called me, and asked me if you were doing it, I would have said no.Until Tina called me."John said, "She called you on one occasion."JoAnn said, "Yes, she did.But she didnít say...I thought she was... Iím very unhappy with the way things were handled because I thought she was gonna come talk to Council and we would know what was going on when you went to these places."John said, "And thatís what tonight is."JoAnn said, "Yeah, but you went to somebody place else first."


Roger said he thought we ought to adopt the code.John said that is why they were here tonight, was to explain this issue to Council, "however, this is under direct control of the fire chief.He is the ultimate control on this."This issue continued to be discussed, major issue being that Council and Mayor should have been informed before they tried to do inspections. 

Roger made a motion to adopt the Ohio Fire Code as the local fire code for the Village of Thurston.Bob second.All yea.


Nona asked Mike who was burning last Sunday.Mike said he didnít know about it.Nona said they kept burning all night.She has bronchitis and asthma, and itís hard to breathe.Nona and JoAnn said the fire department was dispatched.Mike said heíd look into it.Kent said he drove by the location and they were burning; no one put it out.Mike said he would pull the run card and advise the guys who made the run of the correct policy.Mike said that unless someone calls to complain, they donít make a run to a controlled fire. 


Mike stated he had the check for pool water ready, but recalculated it and found they owe us more.He will get that for us.


JoAnn told Mike she wanted the gas cards.


Mike brought up the Keller expansion plans.He did some checking and there are some issues that need to be addressed.He asked Mr. Keller if he filed his plans with the Ohio Department of Health.Mike said if he was putting in more than one home, he has to complete a package.Mr. Keller didnít agree.He said he is only selling some lots.He has only come to council for approval of some lots.A small argument ensued.Mike just said heís trying to tell him the right thing to do.They discussed needing a 6" main to a fire hydrant, but Mr. Keller is only planning to put a 2" main to them.He said thatís all that is back there now.Heís not going to run a 6" main for the Village.He said he is just hooking onto the line that is there now.†† Mike gave him a list of information that he gathered.


JoAnn announced that the title for the new EMS truck is transferred, was somebody was driving it before it was transferred.Mike said they were legally able to drive it.Mike called the insurance company and got it covered before it left Gahanna.


Lowell asked what they were going to do with the old EMS vehicle.Mike said it originally came from Bloom Township, and they had mentioned that theyíd like it back.They will be teaching EMT schools, and could use it.Mike made arrangements, pending councilís approval.We will give them the truck in exchange for free tuition at their EMS school for 4 students.Roger made the motion to allow this exchange.Warren second.All yea


Aaron asked how the fire department was going to promote the levy.Mike said the Firefighterís Association will be paying for flyers to advertise and promote the levy. 

Warren asked if the fire department was burning down the burned building on High Street.Mike said they were not, and that was just a rumor.It is too close to other structures.The owner is going to tear it down.


Mr. Owen Keller was present.He brought plans for lot layouts on his property and asked for Councilís approval of the layout.A street will be put in and dedicated to the Village.He will run water and sewer and put a fire hydrant in.There was a deal made with Mr. Keller several years ago when the water lines were first put in the Village.This deal would allow him to hook into that water line which is on his property.He stated that sewer is already on the lots on Long Street, but he needs to add sewer to the lots on Broad Street

Warren made a motion to approve the lot layouts as provided by Mr. Keller.Roger second.All yea.Mr. Keller asked that everyone on Council sign the drawings as approved.Aaron made copies for record.


Nona made a motion to approve the July 2001 minutes.Roger second.All yea.


Warren made a motion to approve the July 2001 financial statement.Mary second.All yea.


Second reading of Ordinance # 2001-07-12-1 requiring that sidewalks, curbs and gutters be kept in repair and free from nuisances.Roll call vote: Bob, Mary, Nona, Roger, - yeah. Warren - nay.Kim - absent. 


JoAnn announced that on 7/24/01, she called Terminix about spraying for mosquitoes.On 7/25/01 the man that drives the truck for Terminix called and said they would be spraying that day, but nobody called or came.They finally came and sprayed on 8/1/01 around 10:15 p.m.


JoAnn said that the man called about the problem on Broad Street.He said he was working on getting someone here.It was agreed that it shouldnít be patched, but it should be repaired properly. 

Roger made a motion to adopt Ordinance 2001-08-09-1, an amendment to resolution 2001-07-12-2 "A resolution requesting the auditor of Fairfield County, OH, to certify to the Village of Thurston, OH, the total current tax valuation of the subdivision and the dollar amount of revenue to be generated by a replacement of the existing fire protection levy and declaration of an emergency.Bob second.All yea.


Roger made a motion to adopt Ordinance 2001-08-09-2, an ordinance to amend the 2001 appropriations ordinance and the declaration of an emergency.This is to allow for additional expenses for the fire department and village mileage expenses.Mary second.All yea.


Warren made a motion to adopt Ordinance 2001-08-09-3, an ordinance to amend the 2001 appropriations ordinance and the declaration of an emergency.This is to allow for monies to be spent/transferred for the Storm Sewer Project Phase II.Roger second.All yea.


Bob moved to adopt Resolution 2001-08-09-4, a resolution declaring it necessary to levy a tax in excess of the ten mill limitation for fire protection.Mary second.Roll call vote as follows:Bob - yea, Nona - yea, Mary - yea, Warren - nay, Roger - yea. 

JoAnn announced that the Thurston Gardens project started 8/6/01.


JoAnn announced that on 8/3/01, somebody came to the office and said a stone was thrown through the upstairs window.Roger said the windows should be replaced.


JoAnn announced that on 8/601, she came to the municipal building and the grass out in front was torn up.It looks like maybe a truck had done this.


JoAnn said that grant money was available to get sidewalks in the Village.We would have to get our own engineer.Discussion was tabled.


JoAnn announced that the lawyerís contract was up on 8/10/01.He charges $80.00 an hour.Nona made a motion to retain Jeffrey Feyko as our Village Solicitor.Roger second.All yea

JoAnn announced that on 8/3/01, she got the title for the 1990 Ford transferred at the Clerk of Courts.


JoAnn announced that on 8/6/01, at around 2:00 p.m., David Foell came to the office.Nobody was here.He was supposed to come at 3:00 p.m.He put some papers in the drop box.


JoAnn announced that on 8/3/01, a $20,000 CD for the Board of Public Affairs was rolled over to a new CD yielding 4.4% at 21 months at Fifth Third Bank.


Aaron announced that he and Lowell went to the County Tax Budget hearing last Monday and were told the Village of Thurston would get $17,174 for fiscal year 2002.This is $5,000 less that what we got for 2001.


Nona asked about the car washes at the fire department.She wanted to know who was paying for the water.It was agreed that the Village is paying for the water.There is still no meter on the firehouse, even though Mike Jackson has been asked several times to get one installed.Roger made a motion that a meter is to be installed at the firehouse to be paid out of the fire fund.Warren second.All yea.


Council discussed requiring a bond for work done in the Village.Council decided to table this discussion for the next committee meeting.


Aaron announced the letter received from Village Solicitor Jeffrey Feyko regarding the "Conflict of Interest" letter.Basically, Jeff said that Mary could vote on subjects related to the fire department, except when it financially benefits her son, Jimmy. 


Aaron asked if the Village could start having annual audits instead of every two years.The issue of cost was brought up.Aaron will get with Tara Logan and find out what the cost would be.


Aaron said that in the County Tax Budget Hearing, County Auditor Barbara Curtis asked about the Policy Levy.She suggested that if we werenít going to use it, we should repeal it.Otherwise, we should look into making a contractual arrangement with another policy department with the money.If it was being collected, we would only be getting about $2,000 a year from the levy. 

JoAnn announced that a gentleman from Baltimore inquired into obtaining a six-foot section of the big, black tile from the rear of the municipal building.He would like to use it in a playground in Baltimore.Right now, there are several pieces behind the building that are used by the kids of Village of Thurston.Roger made a motion to donate a section of the pipe to the gentleman for a playground.Warren second.All yea.


Nona said there was a car with no tags parked on High Street, and asked if there was anything that could be done.JoAnn said she would say something to the owner.


As there was no more business to discuss, Mary made a motion to pay bills and adjourn.Roger second.All yea.



Respectfully Submitted,



Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk