Village of Thurston

Council Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2001



Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm by Mayor Hite.  Pledge was recited.


Roll call:  Bob Ortman – Present; Nona Buskirk – Present; Roger Aubery – Present; Mary Barber – Present; Warren Simpson – Present; Kim Duncan – Present; Jo-Ann Hite – Present; Aaron Reedy – Present.


Chief Mike Jackson was also present.


Mike Jackson announced that Jimmy Barber, Josh Freisner and himself had finished their training in Millersport.  He and Jimmy passed the test, however, Josh must take the test again.


Mike brought up the issue of the Mayor not having keys to the fire department.  He thought JoAnn had a key.  Mike apologized for not having someone available at the Fire Department when the insurance man came to do an inspection.  That is how JoAnn found out her key did not work.  Mike said if she had called him, he would have had somebody there.  JoAnn told Mike he said in the meeting that he would have someone available, but didn’t.  He apologized and said he has a million things to do.  JoAnn said that we all have a million things to do.


Mike said they now have one key that fits all three doors to the station, instead of two different keys.  He thought JoAnn had both keys.  JoAnn now has a key to the Fire Department.  Mike said he is not trying to bar anyone – that is not his intention.


Mike said that the Fire Department would be burning down the building at 2205 Main St. on 6/16/2001 for training.  Bob asked if it’s been posted.  Mike said all the neighbors have been notified.  Will train all day Saturday until everyone is tire, and then just let the building burn.  The road in front of the property will stay open.  Ohio EPA sent a letter of approval for the burn.


Mike gave the Clerk occupancy permits for the Council chambers (68 people) and the room across the hall (245 people).  If the other room changes (adds tables, chairs, etc.) Mike will have to be notified so he can re-evaluate.


Mike would like for himself and Mike King to attend the State Fire Chief’s Association conference in Columbus.  The cost will be $600 total for hotel and conference.  This will come out of the training fund.  Council agreed.


Mike said he started to install the water meter at the firehouse, but it got to be beyond his capabilities.  He’d like to have someone do it.  He knows of someone who will give us a price.


Mike said he would be applying for a grant from the Ohio Department of Public Safety.  It will be used to teach bike safety to children in the Village.  Through this program, he can purchase helmets for about $3.50 each.  He will give them to the kids and train them (and parents) on bicycle safety.


Mike missed the application deadline for the Federal EMA grants.  He has some other grants he will be applying for.


Mike announced that he has run out of money in the New Equipment account from which he purchases turnout gear (about $800 left in account).  He said he needs more turnout gear for new people coming onto the department.  He is asking for $4,000 more for turnout gear and gloves.  He also said in the original budget, he never included money for Hepatitis B vaccinations.  He can get them for everyone on the department for $2,400.  The shot will be offered to all department members, but they can decline.  Also, some may have already been vaccinated.


Aaron checked and money is available to be appropriated, however, the Walnut Township Trustees must also grant approval.  Aaron will write a letter to the Trustees seeking comments/approval to changing the 2001 budget.  If the Trustees agree, Council can pass an ordinance making amendments to the appropriations for 2001.


Mike said he wants to start looking at a new EMS vehicle within the next year due to the amount of maintenance being done on the current vehicle, and the increased number of runs being made.  He will add money to next year’s budget for consideration.


Mike asked about our current insurance carrier.  He needs to get a letter of coverage for the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival.  He also has a couple of questions for them.  Aaron will e-mail the agent’s information to Mike.


JoAnn told Mike that she’s heard rumors of pornographic movies being shown at the firehouse.  Mike stated that nothing of any pornographic nature is going on.


JoAnn told Mike that when they flushed the hydrants a few weeks ago, there was no notice in the paper.  Mike said he faxed the notice to the Eagle-Gazette two weeks in advance.  JoAnn said we might get sued.  Mike said no way.


JoAnn brought up the Nextel phone being used by Mike.  JoAnn called Nextel and they told her it was in her name.  JoAnn said she didn’t ask for this.  Mike said that was probably how Pauline Ety set it up.  He said just call Nextel and have them change it.  She said she tried and couldn’t because we don’t have a touch-tone phone in the office.  Mike pointed to the phone on the wall and said that was a touch-tone phone.  JoAnn said it wasn’t.  Mike got up, walked to the phone, dialed a number and said it was a touch-tone phone.  A spat between Mike and JoAnn ensued.


JoAnn said that Aaron’s name has now been put on the account for the phone, and didn’t know how that couldn’t have been done.  Mike said that maybe Pauline had it changed.  JoAnn asked if the service on the account had been changed, as Council approved in April of this year.  Mike said it was.  JoAnn wanted to know how – she didn’t change it – and she’s the only one that can.  Mike said Aaron had written a letter to Nextel back in May stating that Council approved the change in service, but there was an issue with the letter (phone number was wrong).  JoAnn asked again how it got changed.  Mike said he changed it.  He called in and corrected the error with them.  JoAnn said he didn’t have the right to do it.  Mike said he did.  A spat between Mike and JoAnn ensued.


JoAnn said if his May bill ($105.24) wasn’t paid by tomorrow (6/15/01), the phone would be shut off.  Mike said he gets a 10-day grace period.  JoAnn said, no, there is no grace period.  Council passed a motion in the March 2001 meeting stating it must be paid by the 15th of the month or it would be shut off.  Aaron asked Mike where he heard of a 10-day grace period.  He said all bills have to give at least a 10-day grace period.  No one agreed with that statement.  Mike said he pays his bills.  They may be late, but he pays them.  JoAnn didn’t agree with that and brought up that there will be something in the paper to prove him wrong.  Mike asked what she meant.  She said she wasn’t going to say.  Mike admitted he was going through bankruptcy and yes, his old house was going to be sold.  A spat between Mike and JoAnn ensued.


Mike left the room saying the bill will be paid.  Mike did return to the Council room a few minutes later and gave Aaron $105.24 in cash for his portion of the May Nextel phone bill.


Nona made a motion to approve the May 2001 minutes.  Roger second.  All yea.


Mary made a motion to approve the May 2001 financial statement.  Nona second.  All yea.


JoAnn announced that some kids had torn the front off the telephone box outside the municipal building and then tore the wires out of the box.  We didn’t know the phones weren’t working until our solicitor called her at home and told her he’d been trying to call the office.  The phone company came and fixed the problems.


JoAnn announced that some CD’s were coming due on 7/6/2001 and asked the Council what they would like to do.  Bob made a motion to leave them at Fifth/Third Bank and put the Fire Dept. CD in a 6-month account, and the BOPA and Corporation CD’s in a 21-month account.  Nona second.  All yea.


Roger made a motion to create Ordinance # 2001-06-14-1 amending ordinance 9-24-89 and 1-20-90 by increasing rates charged for water service and declaring it an emergency.  Nona second.  All yea.


Roger made a motion to create Ordinance # 2001-06-14-2 authorizing the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer to enter into a contract with ME Companies, Inc. for engineering services for the storm sewer improvements Phase II and declaring it an emergency.  Mary second.  All yea.



Bob made a motion to create Ordinance # 2001-06-14-3 to amend the 2001 appropriations ordinance to allow for payment of the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation premium, and declaring it an emergency so the bill can be paid.  Roger second.  All yea.


Parrott electric asked about putting up a guardrail around the sidewalk in front of their property.  Everyone on Council agreed that it was no problem as long as it was inside the sidewalk, not outside towards the road.


JoAnn sent a copy of the ordinance for boat 6/5/01 to Rick Ford to remove his boat off the street.  The boat has been moved.


JoAnn announced that ME had sent papers to be signed.  Aaron and JoAnn signed papers 6/5 and sent them to ME on 6/6.


JoAnn announced that the painting and other work on the water tower was done on 6/12/01.


JoAnn announced that the Fire Department Levy is up this year.  Mary made a motion to put a replacement levy on the ballot this year.  Nona second.  All yea.


JoAnn announced that a man was parking in, and blocking, the alley parallel to Wilson Street.  She’s asked him to not park there, but he won’t comply.  They haven’t been able to pour gravel for the alley’s yet since it’s been raining.  Roger made a motion to buy 10 signs that read “Do Not Block Alley” to be used throughout the Village.  Bob second.  All yea.  Charlie Miller will install them.  Lowell said he will see where he can get them the cheapest.


Mary said the hole in the road on Broad Street is getting worse and asked what we could do.  JoAnn will call the contractor who originally created the hole and have him come fix it.  It was suggested that we look into requiring performance bonds.  Aaron will ask the solicitor if he has any other municipalities doing this, and what sort of ordinance would be required.


As there was no more business to discuss, Roger made a motion to pay bills and adjourn.  Nona second.  All yea.  The time is 8:10 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,



Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk