Village of Thurston

Council Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2001



Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Hite.  Pledge was recited.


Roll call:  Bob Ortman – Present; Nona Buskirk – Present; Roger Aubery – Present; Mary Barber – Present; Warren Simpson – Present; Jo-Ann Hite – Present; Aaron Reedy – Present, 1 Council seat open.


Others present were J.T. Hilliard, Kim Duncan, Keith Doll of M& E, Steve Thompson of M&E, Beth Whipple.


Keith Doll and Steve Thompson from M&E presented the engineering contract to Council.  The funding was approved by OPWC (Issue II funding) for Phase II (replacing catch basins around Broad, Wilson & Elm Streets).  Total estimated cost of the project is $98,000, and Village is responsible for 11% of that.  The engineering fees will be $15,000.  Keith said we should get money sometime after July 1, and could start digging right away.  They will know more of an actual cost once more engineering design is completed.  However, they will try to stay right at the amount available.  Mary made a motion to accept the contract from M&E pending review by the Village Solicitor.  Roger second.  All yea.


No one from the fire department was present.  Hugh Farmer called and said everyone was busy.


Roger made a motion to approve the April 2001 minutes with corrections (change J.T.’s last name from Simpson to Hilliard).  Warren second.  All yea.


Bob made a motion to approve the April 2001 financial statement.  Mary second.  All yea.


JoAnn announced that Ellen Taylor resigned as of 5/3/2001 and turned in her Village Officer’s Handbook.


Beth Whipple brought a form in for the Clerk to sign to have her PERS refunded.  He will sign and drop off to her.  She asked Council when gravel was going to be put in the alleys.  Mayor said we have a quote and hope to approve at this meeting.  We did have a contract approved, but that vendor went out of business.


Mayor asked if there was anyone here for the open Council seat.  J.T. Hilliard and Kim Duncan were interested.  J.T. Hilliard was told that he wasn’t here long enough to qualify, and the Mayor would check with the Solicitor to see if he could be put on if no one else was interested.  Roger made a motion to appoint Kim Duncan to the empty Council seat.  Bob second.  All yea.  Mayor performed the Oath of Office ceremony with Kim.


JoAnn announced that the insurance man came on April 17 at 10:00 a.m. to look over municipal building, street building and firehouse.  Nobody was at the firehouse as Mike said there would be.  Insurance man said to update playground swings (get new chains & close the “S” ‘s up).  Roger made a motion to purchase the new chains and supplies to bring the 4 swings up to compliance.  Warren second.  All yea.


JoAnn announced that the contract for Buckeye Terminix was signed and faxed it on April 24th.  They sprayed the evening of May 9th, and will continue spraying every other Wednesday.


JoAnn announced that the papers were updated District 17 Integrating Committee for the grant on 4/27/01.


Mayor received a complaint about the light on the west side of the municipal building being too bright.  No action was taken.


Lowell brought up that the Board passed a motion to increase the bulk water rate charge of $3.00 per 1000 gallons to $5.00 per 1000 gallons.  Normal accounts pay $4.80 per gallon between 2,000 and 4,000 gallons.  Baltimore is charging $10.00 per 1,000 gallons.  Roger made a motion to increase the bulk water rate to $5.00 per 1000 gallons.  Mary second.  All yea.


JoAnn announced that her key to the fire department doesn’t work anymore.  Roger said they should make a key for the mayor.


JoAnn announced that she gave Warren his Village Officer’s Handbook on May 3, 2001.


JoAnn announced that they got a quote from DiPaolo for gravel at $13.00 per ton.  Roger made a motion to enter into a contract with DiPaolo for gravel at $13.00 per ton.  Nona second.  All yea.


JoAnn announced that the people in the new house behind Roger are parking in the alley.  She will write them a note about it.  She said there is also a car on Rt. 256 that is blocking the view of traffic at the stop sign.


Council discussed the number of new signs that should be purchased for the different alleys.  We also need to replace some street signs.  Kids tore down the sign at Oak and Main.  The sign at High and Main by Yosts’ was torn down, but the Yosts’ claim they don’t know what happened to it.  Nona made a motion to get whatever signs are needed.  Roger second.  All yea.


Bob asked regional planning about paving Rt. 256.  They didn’t know, but they will check with ODOT.


As there was no more business to discuss, Roger made a motion to pay bills and adjourn.  Mary second.  All yea.  The time is 7:56 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,



Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk