Village of Thurston

Council Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2001



Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Hite.  Pledge was recited.


Roll call:  Bob Ortman – Present; Nona Buskirk – Present; Ellen Taylor – Present; Roger Aubery – Present; Mary Barber – Present; Jo-Ann Hite – Present; Aaron Reedy – Present, 1 Council seat open.


Warren Simpson and J.T. Simpson were present and interested in the open Council seat.  Both expressed why they were interested in the seat.  Ellen made a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss the applicants.  Mary second. All yea.  Council went into Executive Session at 7:05 p.m.


Council came out of Executive Session at 7:28 p.m.  Warren Simpson has been appointed to the open Council seat by a majority vote by Council.  Warren was sworn in by Mayor Hite and joined the Council table.


Fire Chief Mike Jackson addressed Council.  The engine is having electrical problems.  They have replaced two batteries, but the alternator is bad.  It will cost $1,400 to rebuild it, however, there is a chance it could go out again.  There is a 99% chance that they will be able to buy a new one, but they are waiting to hear from Horton.


Roger made a motion to allow Kent Leitnaker to handle the mowing services at the Fire Department this year for $65.00 per month.  Nona second.  All yea.


Mayor Hite asked if Chief Jackson could have someone available at the firehouse for insurance inspection on April 17th.  Chief Jackson said he would make sure someone is there.


Chief Jackson announced that the EMT class is finished.  Seven of our volunteers attended, and all have taken the test.  He has heard back that, so far, two have passed.


Chief Jackson announced that the department roster is full, we are at the maximum number of volunteers allowed by Council (30).  They’ve taken on another paramedic and three EMT’s.


Tina Singleton volunteered to take the necessary training to become a fire inspector.  This will cost about $350.00.  Funds are available.


Chief Jackson applied for the Ohio EMS Grant in the amount of $20,000 for training funds.  This could possibly be used to send some to medic school and/or to purchase a training mannequin.


Chief Jackson announced the fire department is applying for money from FEMA.  The Federal government freed up some money that is to go specifically to fire departments.  He plans to use this money to purchase new turnout gear, helmet, and boots for the entire department.  He is also applying for $225,000 for a new Engine/Rescue.  FEMA will only grant $750,000 per department.


Chief Jackson announced that Doug Hankison has been promoted to the level of Lieutenant.


Chief Jackson asked Council if he could upgrade his Nextel cellular phone service bill to the National Business Net plan, which would give him toll-free calls anywhere in the U.S. and all incoming calls free.  This will cost about $5.00 more per month.  Ellen made a motion to allow the account to be upgraded to the National Business Net plan.  Roger second.  All yeah.


Nona asked Chief Jackson why the tornado alarm didn’t go off on the day the whole state was suppose to test them.  Mike said they weren’t informed by anyone that they had to do it.  Josh Freisner spoke up and explained that the Thurston Fire Department is not part of the statewide warning system that is controlled by FEMA, so we didn’t have to test.


Josh Freisner brought up the problem of speeding motorists in front of the firehouse.  Mayor Hite said it happens all over town, and the Sheriff has been in town a lot recently.  J.T. Simpson said that he has called the Sheriff’s office about all the speeding in the area several times, and he hasn’t seen any Sheriff’s cruisers at all.  J.T. said the Sheriff’s office told him that they had to send a car whenever someone calls.


Chief Jackson asked about having a public auction because they have a bunch of “junk” at the firehouse to get rid of.  Mayor Hite said she would let Mike know when we decide to do it.


Josh Freisner brought up the Junior Firefighter’s group.  He said they are not allowed in the medic, but can be on the other trucks and were covered under the old insurance.  He’ll have to check with the new insurance carrier to see if they are still covered.  The Junior Firefighters act as “tool-getters” and gophers on the scene.  The fire department has been complimented on our Junior Firefighters by other departments.


Ellen made a motion to approve the March 2001 minutes.  Roger second.  All yea.


Ellen made a motion to approve the March 2001 financial statement.  Nona second.  All yea.


Roger made a motion to approve Ordinance # 4-12-2001-1 to award a contract for insurance to Acordia effective 3/22/2001 and to declare it an emergency.  Ellen second.  All yea. 


Ellen made a motion to approve Ordinance # 4-12-2001-2 to amend the 2001 appropriations for the Fire Fund, increasing training account by $1000 due to a donation & declare it an emergency.  Nona second.  All yea.


Regarding the issue at Keller’s Trailer Court; Jeff Feyko has been talking to Mr. Keller’s son, who is an attorney.  However, no one has gotten back with us since we went to the lawyer.  Nona said that she talked to Mr. Keller.  He told her the lots don’t run on the property as he originally submitted to Council, so he and his son are correcting them.  They will then resubmit to Council.


Feyko said to write a letter to our old insurance company stating that we are not renewing our policy with them.  Aaron did so.  This was faxed and mailed on 4/5/2001.


Mayor Hite announced that Acordia, the new insurance company, was paid 3/19/2001.  Mayor Hite announced that Jon Moseley from Acordia is coming 4/17/01 at 10 a.m. to look around.


Mayor Hite announced the Census figures for the Village have been released and the current population is 555.  The Lancaster Eagle-Gazette has published two articles showing the numbers for all the county villages; however, Thurston was never included in these articles.


Mayor Hite asked if Council wanted to spray for mosquitoes this year.  Ellen made a motion that we spray for mosquitoes this year.  Mary second.  All yea.  J.T. Simpson offered to get some estimates.  We will wait until estimates come in before deciding anything further.

Mayor Hite announced that Feyko said publishing the water/sewer shut-off list on the Village website would not be a good idea.


Mayor Hite announced that Todd from the Schooler Company called about renting a room in the municipal building.  She said Feyko recommended being careful to allow this due to the deed restrictions.


Mayor Hite announced that Feyko said there is a lot of work that goes into putting a city income tax on if it is done right.


Aaron said that Bob Black from the Thurston Heritage Association said there seemed to be a leak upstairs below the chimney that could be caused by the flashing around the chimney and Bob wanted to know if we could check on it and have it repaired.  Lowell Hite suggested we should contact the contractor who put the new roof on and have him check it out.


Aaron said Bob Black asked if we could have a termite inspection and possible treatment.  J.T. Simpson explained to Council the difference between carpenter ants and termites.  It is not known which we have, if either.  No action was taken.


Mary asked if there was a Village ordinance regarding trash and/or debris blowing between properties.  Several people said we have no way of enforcing ordinances even if we did.  It could be considered a public nuisance.  Ellen suggested having the victim talk to the offender about it.  If the issue is not resolved, they should come to Council.


Lowell Hite presented three quotes for painting the interior and exterior of the water tower.  Roger made a motion to accept the quote from OTM Company for $3,800 to paint the water tower.  Nona second.  All yea.


As there was no more business to discuss, Ellen made a motion to pay bills and adjourn.  Roger second.  All yea.





Respectfully Submitted,



Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk