Thurston Board of Public Affairs

Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2006




The meeting was called to order by Lowell @ 6:35 P.M.


Roll call:Lowell Hite, present; Bev Reese, present; Aaron Reedy, present, 1 open seat.


Visitors present: Michelle Shumaker (Village Secretary), Mary Barber (Mayor), JoAnn Hite


Bev made a motion to approve the June 2006, meeting minutes with corrections.Lowell second. All yea.


Bev made a motion to accept the June 2006 Financial Statement.Lowell second. All yea.


Michelle asked about the bill for Ron Clouse for $13.89.She has got no response, so what should we do?Lowell said you can leave it on or write it off; whatever you want to do.


Michelle asked about the USDA paperwork; itís still not done.No action taken.


Michelle asked about the pump repair.Lowell said it would probably be 2-3 weeks.


Bev made a motion to adjourn. Lowell second.All yea.Time is 6:55 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,




Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk