Thurston Board of Public Affairs

Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2006




The meeting was called to order by Lowell @ 6:30 P.M.


Roll call:Lowell Hite, present; Bev Reese, present; Aaron Reedy, present, 1 open seat.


Aaron announced that Laura Clark resigned from the BOPA because she was appointed to an open seat on Village Council.


Visitors present: Michelle Shumaker (Village Secretary), Mary Barber (Mayor), JoAnn Hite


Bev made a motion to approve the March 2006, meeting minutes.Lowell second. All yea.


Bev made a motion to accept the March 2006 Financial Statement.Lowell second. All yea.


Michelle said we still need to figure out what is going on with Anita Barberís meter.Lowell had replaced it a few months ago because they had been estimating for a year.Barber is complaining that the usage is too high.Michelle will get with Tammy to see what the usage was prior to us estimating bills.


Michelle asked about refunding Robert Brownís deposit.He moved out of the trailer court about 18months ago, and the trailer was repossessed by Greentree in March.Brown has been paying the minimum fee.Lowell said itís okay to refund Brown the deposit.Lowell said that since this is an emptylot (the trailer was removed), there is no billing for that lot.Lowell said to send Mayís bill to Greentree.If we donít get payment by the June billing, weíll move the charges over to the property owner (Whightsel).


Michelle said Tammy from WCSD sent a copy of a notice she wanted us to post.It said pool owners can only get one sewer credit per year.Michelle wants to know if she can post it.Lowell said it wasnít discussed at the WCSD meetings, so donít post it.


Michelle said she hasnít heard anything more from Julie Thomas regarding a second meter.Lowell said the meter cost is $60, but doesnít have a cost for the additional pieces.


Michelle said we still havenít filled out the form for USDA that was to be completed by November 2005.Board discussed water delivery system and who is responsible.Aaron said the WCSD is who we contract with Ė who they subcontract with is up to them.Lowell said heíd have Matt @ WCSD take a look at their website to see if they could figure it out.


Lowell said the state is putting in new signs in town.Lowell went around with him and showedhim where the water mains are.


Bev made a motion to adjourn. Lowell second.All yea.Time is 7:00 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,




Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk