Thurston Board of Public Affairs

Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2004



Lowell called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m.


Roll call:  Lowell Hite – Present; Bev Reese – Present; Laura Clark – Present; Aaron Reedy, Clerk – Present


Bev made a motion to approve the March 2004 meeting minutes.  Laura second. All yea.


Laura made a motion to approve the March 2004 Financial statement.  Bev second. All yea.


BOPA discussed the situation with the Robinson property that was stealing water.  We turned them off 3 different times, and they turned themselves on.  Lowell doesn’t agree that we charge them $90 for the 3 incidents; he said we should only pay $30.  Board discussed.


Board went over quote from Walnut Creek Sewer District (WCSD) for installing a wireless unit to work between the tower and the booster station.   The quote was for $15,000.  Board questioned the need for the work and the items that were quoted.  Lowell said WCSD shouldn’t have done anything without getting with us first.  Lowell instructed Aaron to let WCSD know that we will look at other options and get our own quotes.  Everything is working now.


Aaron asked about the 2103 Third St. address – if the service should be put in O’Dell’s name since they bought the property from Taylor.  It was agreed that they should change the name over, but no deposit will be required until they want to have the service turned on.


Aaron shared information with board that Lowell had asked him to gather regarding deposits at other villages.  It seemed our deposits fit with the “norm”.


Board reviewed a letter from Thomas Clinton Lonn, Attorney.


Laura made a motion to pay bills and adjourn.   Bev second.  All yea.  The time is 7:50 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,



Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk