Thurston Board of Public Affairs

Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2003



Laura called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


Roll call:  Lowell Hite – Present; Bev Reese – Present; Laura Clark – Present; Aaron Reedy, Clerk – Present


Laura made a motion to approve the May 2003 meeting minutes.  Bev second. All yea.


Bev made a motion to approve the May 2003 Financial statement.  Laura second. All yea.


Discussed a break in the line from Baltimore that affected service between Baltimore & Route 37.  It was out for 5 hours.  Lowell said because of that, about 10 gallons of extra chlorine made its way into the system.  It doesn’t hurt anything.


Lowell said that Larry Kahle was putting in three more lots on Moline drive.  Owen Keller is building another house on Long St.  Jimmy Barber Jr. is building a house on Holt St.


JoAnn said that there would be new water bills next month.  There will be no perforation.  Also, there is not “pre-printing” on the form.  It will be printed from the printer.  Board discussed it and expressed their displeasure with the situation.  Aaron said at 5 cents per bill, the Village should see a $7.00 reduction in cost per month.  He said it wasn’t worth the headache the change is going to cause.


Bev made a motion to pay bills and adjourn.   Laura second.  All yea. 




Respectfully Submitted,



Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk