Thurston Board of Public Affairs

Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2002



Meeting was called to order at 6:37 p.m.


Roll call:  Lowell Hite – Present; Bev Reese – Present; Laura Clark – Present; Aaron Reedy, Clerk – Present


Laura made a motion to approve the September 2002 meeting minutes.  Bev second. All yea.


Bev made a motion to approve the September 2002 Financial statement.  Laura second. All yea.


Lowell said Aaron sent a response to Ellen Taylor regarding her complaint.  We have not received a response or payment.


Lowell said the sewer board hired someone, but they only worked 2 weeks and never came back.  They just hired someone else on Friday.  Lowell has been working for the sewer.


Aaron asked how much each month should be set aside for the “First Debt” payment.  Lowell and Aaron agreed that $1300.00 each month should be enough.



Bev made a motion to pay bills and adjourn.   Laura second.  All yea.  The time is 7:00 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,



Aaron L. Reedy, Clerk