Thurston Board of Public Affairs

Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2001



Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm.


Roll call: Brenda Mathias Present; Lowell Hite Present; Rose Robertson Present; Clerk - Present


Brenda made a motion to approve the December meeting minutes. Rose second. All Yea.


Rose made a motion to approve the December Financial statement. Brenda second. All Yea.


Discussed past due accounts. Too many accounts have fallen past due. We had 47 red tags distributed this month. Clerk suggested using a form to be signed when a person is going to pay late. Discussed cost of sending past due letters. 47 accounts X .34 = $15.98.


Brenda made a motion to send a letter to Cheryl Kincaid asking her to pay $50 per month so her account will be paid off within one year. Rose second. All Yea. In letter, state that the Village has been patient and fair in the past, however the account needs to be paid off within a reasonable timeframe.


Brenda made a motion to start sending letters to all past due accounts each month. Rose second. All Yea. Shutoff day is the second Wednesday of the month. In the letter, remind them of the $30 reconnection fee and $20 return check fee. If they are going to make arrangements to pay, they must complete the Payment Arrangement Form. This form is NOT form allowing for partial payments, but for a SHORT extension for the TOTAL amount due, including current bill. This is all to be part of the collection policy.


CD matured on December 22, 2000. Lowell moved it to Fifth Third Bank. They will give us 6.75 Annual Pct Yield in a 9-month CD. We might be able to get another CD with the money left in the bank account.


FHA statement should come in January. We will review in February.


The water bill from Baltimore will be about $150.00 more per month.


Brenda made a motion to allow clerk to pay all bills up to the end of January since appropriations are not done yet. Rose second. All yea.


Brenda made a motion to appoint Lowell the president of the Thurston Board of Public Affairs. Rose second. All yea.


Brenda made a motion to pay bills and adjourn. Rose second. All Yea.