Important Information

This page will contain important information regarding ordinances, rules, and guidelines in place for the Village of Thurston.  Please check back to this page for updates.

Water & Sewer Guidelines & Procedures (new effective 9/8/2021)

Sewer Credit Request Form

Income Tax Form for New Residents

Current Water Rates Ordinance

Water Debt Service Fee Ordinance

Current Sewer Rates Ordinance (controlled by Walnut Creek Sewer District)     Summary Here
  ***Effective 8/16/2012, the Walnut Creek Sewer District voted to no longer allow sewer credit for filling pools.

Current Water Consumer Confidence Report

Current Fire Contract with Walnut Township

Public Records Policy

Ordinance 2005-16 - Rules for Peddlers & Solicitors

Ordinance 2005-21 - Prohibited Animals in Village

Ordinance 2009-14 - Assessment Fees

Ordinance 2009-15 - Unlicensed, Inoperable and Junk Vehicles

Ordinance 2011-12 - Grass & Weeds

Ordinance 2016-4 - Property Maintenance Code Ordinance.   Click HERE for the code.

Application for Solicitation

Current Village Pay

Council - $80 per meeting
Mayor - $375 per month